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ECommerce is a great resource for those mid and small-scale business to establish online store which is remotely based shops.It is having a booming market all around the world which brings consumer experience at an advanced level. At Magic Technolabs, We have dedicated certified experts whose having expertise especially in all framework of e-commerce like Magneto, Opencart, Zencart, Drupal, WooCommerce & PrestaShop.

we offer a full fledge of e-commerce website which can be integrated, interactive services geared at effectively boosting your business.
Together they reinforce each other to unleash the full potential of your online business which helps you to generate revenue(ROI), sales, competitive cost and improve your bottom line on the Internet across multiple channels all around the world.

What we can do?

E-commerce Planning:  To ensure proper strategic planning, We firstly gather the complete e-commerce requirement to make sure what we understood is fair enough to reach client desire. Once the discussion would have completed, We send MOM(Minutes of Meeting) before execution which prevents misunderstanding to make sure all are on the same page.

User Interface Optimization:  We dramatically optimize the user experience in terms of user-friendly UI, flexibility while placing the order, hassle free and up-to-date which results in the visitor happy ultimately.

E-commerce Website Design: When designing on new and existing your online presence, we use cutting-edge technology to cordially enhance the look and feel of your e-commerce site, maximize user comfort, and effectively support your brand personality.

Custom Solutions: We are Zeus in customization and implementation on any existing e-commerce web or app which we have done in past and deliver satisfactory results within a timeline. Similarly, We have developed a clone like Flipkart from scratch via custom development using our authentic strategies which you hardly have seen anywhere. Moreover, We delighted to share that store by providing credentials to you to see our potential and long-lasting capabilities which convince you that we don’t need any introduction to complete e-commerce platform.

Third-Party Application Integration: We seamlessly integrate a wide variety of third-party solutions ranging from ordinary site features to POS and ERP systems, logistic solutions, reporting and analytics applications, to mailer notification.

Support & Maintenance: After product development, We ensure to make your system consistent in production by our incredible support 24/7 which helps to cover the entire destinations timezone for client comforts.

Internet Marketing: In addition to complete online marketing strategies, we provide advanced SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, email marketing, media buying and additional services to drive relevant traffic to your business. We have certified experts possess well-versed knowledge in digital marketing to make your business up. “We guess your car is ready to drive by our one-stop solution”

Site Audits / Performance Control: We minimize loading speed and offer advanced monitoring, analytics, and KPI dashboards to guarantee your site excels – commercially and technically.

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