Click to Call


There are a number of different ways to implement “Click-to-call” functionality, which allows you to dial a phone number without actually dialing it. The convention for these scripts is to tell Asterisk to call your extension, wait for you to answer the call, and when you do, initiate a new call to the destination number.

Downsides of click-to-call include A) that you start to forget phone numbers that were once stored in memory, and B) when you’re using foreign interfaces that don’t provide you with the clickability, you often wonder how those around you live without it.

Online visitors can call your business from the website and get the same IVR call experience as if they dial into your business line.

Key Features

  • Receive Text Messages without revealing your email address
  • IVR (Call Flow) based
  • Can be integrate with Conference Call
  • Open for any type of customization.
  • Custom Ringtone

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